Sunday, April 1, 2012

Ride on...

Thank you.

All of you.

Your outpouring of support has been overwhelming. It's that energy, mojo, whatever you call it...that will drive me tomorrow.
I'm not a cyclist. Golf is my sport. I don't even play that but once or twice a year these days.

My goal for this ride is 50 miles. I rode 34 in last year's One Dad Bikeathon...the farthest I've ever ridden.

I thought I'd have time to prepare. Time to ride and build up to this. I was wrong. I've logged less than 20 miles in 2012.

I'm an autism parent. I'm a full time student teacher. I'm a husband. I don't have time for "extra" things.

So tomorrow I'm just going to go for it. I'll pace myself, sure. Take some breaks at the car etc.

I will do my best to reach that 50th mile. I may well fall short. So be it. I feel this has already been an overwhelming success and I have made connections with some outstanding organizations.
My wife said "you're helping build awareness...I wasn't even aware of groups that surf or skate with kids with autism".

Thanks go out to her as well for putting up with me the last 24 hours as this blew up on twitter. I am a lucky man to have her.

Ok enough mushy stuff.

I am riding at 7am Pacific time starting at Koligan Park in Fresno, CA. There's a nice 2.2 mile loop through a quiet neighborhood that I've been on before. I think it's perfect (no hills this year woohoo!) for this ride.

Using the awesome cyclemeter app, I will be tweeting my progress every few miles. You can follow along on my twitter page. @rales9 on the twitter.

Apparently the app will speak your responses to me so give it a shot!

If you have already pledged to support an autism charity, thank you. If you decide to see if I crash and burn on mile 3 first, thank you too. All I care about is awareness and support for the people who provide an invaluable service to our children and adults with autism.

The donations don't have to be made tomorrow. That's not the point. This is a free and easy thing. The honor system at work. You pick, you donate, you decide. I can't manage anything more complicated than that, honestly.

Thank you again on behalf of my son. He is the original inspiration for this bikeathon. I am proud to have his name next to so many others on my bike.

Matthew's dad.

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