Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thank you!

Support and encouragement are coming in and I really appreciate it. It's gonna take a lot to get my butt 40 miles on a bike!

Donation pledges are also coming from friends, family and folks who I have never met in person but who are kind-hearted enough to support this cause.

Thank you to all of you.

I will share one note from my Aunt Shirley. Her son Marshall, (my cousin), also has autism. He was my first and only contact with Autism for a very long time. He is now 40. My aunt, my uncle Jim, their daughters Stephanie and Tracy have always been there for Marshall and I want to say that I admire them for that. Just know that I will have Marshall in mind while I ride as well. I miss all of you very much. You too Grandma. =) I didn't forget you.

Here's her note:

Hi Judy, "Give Chris my best wishes and I will pray for him to go the 40 miles with ease. I will also mail in a donation from Marshall as he too has autism,and he is doing great because of all the training and love he had from his teachers. He is now 40 yrs. old." 

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