Thursday, March 31, 2011

Two days to go!

I am nervous and excited about this....

I stated in my first post that my goal for this ride is 40 miles. I need to emphasize that I've never ridden 40 miles in a day. I'm not some slim and trim cyclist you see all decked out in riding gear that can keep up with 25mph traffic and not miss a beat. A few summers ago I got started riding and I would do about 20 miles on a Saturday and another 20 on a Sunday. That was 2 years ago.

I guess my thinking in this is that it would be a cop out to try for something I know I can achieve. I'm not taking the easy route. I want every penny raised for the CCAC in this little endeavor to be hard fought.

Kinda like what my son is going through.

Every single advance he makes is through not only hard work put in by his's through countless attempts and hundreds of hours of hard work by him. He puts in a 40 hour week when you combine preschool and therapy.

My son works harder at his "job" than most adults I have ever known.

He's 4.

I can do this.


  1. You can count us in Chris. We're proud of you and all the time you spend to help Matthew and all children afflicted with Autism.

  2. Dear Chris
    I know you can do this.. The love for your son and gods help will glide you along.. My thoughts and prayers will be with you.. I am sure you have the strength of your dear mother in you, who I am proud to call my friend.
    Bless dear Matthew, who has shown great strength.